From our tech resources meeting

Kagan - published materials, concept - to promote more student engagement, essentially cooperative learning that is not just group work, cheers

strategy - stand up, hand up, pair up

Kevin Feldman - engagement strategy, fist to five on RTI, think ink link - what we've learned so far about CR (painting in the national theater, continental divide in Monteverde, biological corridors, gender equity laws in CR/France, national stadium/China partnership) ticket for PDA, influence of religion in government, problem with waste management and septic system, quetzal birds sighting

10 mins to talk at most at a time

Everyone does everything (zone of minimal effectiveness

Educreations - whiteboard app, creating a document and record their voice - rubrics discussing performance

Explain everything

Edmodo? Education social network

Google forms - great for assessing student research, formative assessments, surveys, homework
Name a chat room...and have students send in messages for the front board/projector
Click videos and 'Search in Testimonies' for a topic that relates to what your teaching. English transcripts available
Search a word / theme for Contemporary & Authentic opinions, statements, contextual info
Spanish speakers speak on various topics and preform various communicative functions in Spanish (English transcript available!)