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Each participant will be enrolled in a short-term health and accident insurance plan while abroad (through HTH Worldwide) and processed by Michigan State University’s Office of Risk Management and Insurance. For explanation of HTH Worldwide coverage, please refer to “Insurance Pamphlet Summary." See below.

Post any questions that would benefit the group.

Kristen mentioned some forms that we need to sign for Fulbright. When will we get those?

What type of clothing would you suggest, how much clothing, etc? Do we need professional and casual outfits?
Overall, you should pack comfortable summer clothing. The weather in San Jose/Heredia and Monteverde can get fairly chilly - from highs in the 80s to lows in the 60s, so bring a light sweater. However, Playa Flamingo and Puerto Viejo will be very hot, so be prepared. For our government meetings in San Jose, bring business casual attire. In terms of how much to bring... you know your personal preferences for how many times you change clothing, what feels comfortable, etc. Keep this in mind - we will be traveling a lot throughout the country so pack light. However, we will be there for five weeks and the chances to do laundry are limited.

Am I the only one that still has no idea what to pack? Maybe once the itinerary is finalized, I will have a better understanding....when will we get that?

Is San José the only time we need business/casual clothes? How many days will we have meetings?

Will we have time to go to the beach/should we pack a swimsuit?

How will we handle laundry at our different locations?

What non-clothing items should we pack? (would it be possible to post a packing list?)

Toiletries, sunscreen/sunblock, mosquito repellent

Laptops/iPads/electronics are not required. Electricity is 110V as in the U.S. so you won't need converters if you decide to bring them. There will be spaces for safe keeping (the admin hotels).
Cell Phones - Check with your carrier on international roaming services. For the activities we have planned, a cell phone is not required.

How much money would you recommend having when we leave? Approximately how much would you predict that an individual might spend while there?
All meals, transportation, and accommodations are covered through the grant. Your departure tax will also be covered by the grant. Any money you bring would be for souvenirs or snacks you want to purchase. The exchange rate is on average CRC500 colones to a dollar. A bottle of soda can be anywhere between CRC800 to CRC1200 colones so between USD $1.50 and USD $2. Souvenirs will be on average USD $8 to USD $12, depending on what you buy. For five weeks, you might want to bring between USD $200 and USD $400 - again, depending on how much you're planning to spend.

Will we be able to check our bags or will we need to pack in a carry-on bag?
You will be able to check luggage in the international flights to San Jose.

Will we be staying alone in all of the home stays, or will we be placed with someone else from our group?

*Question for Participants - I know we'll be working a lot, but I have an irrational fear of running out of books to read (I can probably only pack 2/3) Anyone interested in swapping the books we finish while we are there? -Ash ;-)
Hey there Ashley! If I bring any books, I will definitely share with you! (not sure how much room I will have tho..:)-Kalee
I will probably pack some books, too! Maybe we could post a list before we leave! -Heidi
Count me in on the book swap too! Great idea. Amy