PART I Pre-departure Preparation Modules
The list below includes modules to help you prepare for our project in Costa Rica. Each module contains:
- A link to the MSU Knowledge Network, which contains a collection of media to help you form a base of information on the topic
- A reading(s) to summarize information
- A task to help you reflect on the topic

Due dates to help you make progress in the tasks will be posted within the module page, and we will send reminders. These tasks fulfill the pre-departure program requirement of the GPA.
  1. May Meeting Agenda
  2. June Meeting Agenda
  3. Program Overview
  4. Costa Rica Overview
  5. MDG Info

PART II In-country Materials and Resources
Below you will find shared documents encountered in meetings and activities.
  1. From the Earth Charter Secretariat meeting
    1. Earth Charter Virtual Library link - includes all publications from the Secretariat for educators
    2. Breakdown of all the benchmarks within the MDGs
  2. From the meeting at the Instituto Nacional de las Mujeres (INAMU)
    1. Feminist stories book is available for download here. Access other documents from the Institute here
    2. Plan de Accion 2012-2014 - Indicators on gender equity as part of the plan of action for the Institute here
  3. From the meeting with President Chinchilla and the Ministry of Planning
    1. Overview of progress on achieving the MDGs as of 2012. For more information, access the Ministry's page on the MDGs here
    2. Notes from the meeting with the President
  4. 7.2 Curriculum Projects Meeting: Exercise GoogleDoc, US National Standards for Education for Sustainability
  5. Teaching strategies shared by the group members
  6. Teaching sustainability links

Information from the Costa Rican Tourism Board - Instituto Costarricense de Turismo on sustainability here and on sustainable certification requirements (Spanish) here.

PART III Curriculum Projects Information
Guidelines and tips for the Curriculum Projects - this file will be updated to reflect suggestions as we go through the program

Rubric for Curriculum Projects

Samples from the Teaching American History Grant
Samples from MSU Global Teaching Project

MSU Lesson Plan Format

Suggested Curricular resources
  1. World Mapper
  2. Gap Minder
  3. Facing the Future Two samples:

Part IV Follow-up Meetings & Resources
Since we are so far away from each other we are going to try to meet online through writing. Please follow this link and write a response to the questions listed.