Five Themes of Geography
  • Location: Where is it?
Relative: Who and what is around it affects how it functions
Absolute: Where it is in the world affects what it is able to produce and how it is able to develop
Elements of goal 1 and goal 7
  • Place: A thing defined by everything in it. Has features that distinguishes it from other places
  • Region: Area defined by certain similar characteristics
Can be natural, physical, or cultural
Describe region Costa Rica is in and how that applies to goal 7
  • Movement: the way people, ideas, products, and information move from one place to another
Can be local or global
Goal 8
What is valued in a global partnership and what is shared
  • Human-Environment Interaction: How people interact with and change their environment
How do people depend on the environment?
How do people adapt to the environment?
How do people modify the environment?
Goal 7 and Earth Charter