Hello Everyone!

My name is Lauren Smith. I was born in Evanston, IL and lived there until I was four. My family then picked up and moved a little further north to Deerfield, IL where we stayed for the remainder of my school years. I am a current senior and a Global Cohort member at Michigan State University. I will be getting my major in history and my minor in political science with an RX endorsement. Go Green!

I have no real classroom experience beyond what I have done for my teaching classes at MSU. When I graduate, I will be going into my internship year at Lansing Eastern High School working with 7th graders. Though in the future I hope to be working with the older students, I am still excited for the opportunity.

I look forward to working with the UN Millennium Development Goals and with all of you. The political side of education and foreign relations have always been an interest of mine and this will be a perfect test to see if I would like to pursue either of these in the future. As a new teacher, I am also looking forward to learning from the broad range of experience you all bring to the table and bettering my practice as an educator.



Lauren's Curriculum