Hi everyone, Sorry I am getting into this so late. My family was shocked last week by the unexpected death of my brother. His 17 year old daughter didn't have a mom in the picture, so I guess we could add her to my profile too. I was blown away when I read about some of you over a week ago. I have not accomplished near as much as many of you, so I cannot wait to be involved in such a great endeavor with such talented people. I have been teaching traditional Spanish for 14 years and this is my first year of teaching Spanish immersion 9. Next year I will be teaching Spanish 2, 9 and 11. I am the proud mami of three immersion students. This picture says everything about us. We are nuts:) My 12 year old on the left is Marilena and she is a competitive dancer. My 9 year old, Thalía is a soccer player. And, yes that is a boy in the middle! Cristian is 6 and has just started baseball. I am addicted to kids, mine and my students. I love going to their events...we just had our first soccer game in the snow this season.

I live in Grand Rapids, MI. I lived in Mexico for a year during college and return there as often as possible with student groups. The trips are usually a combination of tour and service. We help sponsor an orphanage in Oaxaca, Mexico called Casa Hogar. It is an amazing opportunity for kids, it is always their favorite part when we spend the day with these orphans, many of them special needs. I also spent a summer in Cuernavaca teaching a class on Sor Juana, a mexican poetess. We also spent time with the school's charitable program for indigenous women. Yes, I'm a literature geek. I have my MA in Hispanic-American Culture and Literature.

I would love to learn from everyone when we are together this summer. I am terrible at technology (the skype interview with Kristin and Gerardo was my first skype ever:) So, hopefully some of you can bring me into this century while planning curriculum! I am addicted to music of all kinds, I would cry if I ever lost my itunes! I am obsessed with the color pink and yet I'm far from a girly girl. I could also eat Twizzlers for every meal all day long. I have given them up since the requirements said "excellent physical condition":)