Hello everyone! My name is Edgar Ivan Reynoso, I am 20 years of age, and I am from Palmview Texas, a city located about 15 min away from the border of Mexico and United States. I am a native Spanish speaker; therefore, I will be able to provide help with all the other Spanish teachers during the trip (=.

I am about to complete my second year as a student in Michigan State University. I am double majoring in Mathematics and Spanish. However, my goal is to teach mathematics in a high school once I graduate, preferably outside the United States. One of my goal as a student is to travel as much possible and discover the beauty of other cultures and how they function. I love diversity, which was the reason why I decided to attend this university.

Additional interests and info:

-I love learning languages! I can probably keep a short conversation with someone that speaks Portuguese. I believe is easy to learn this language, because is so similar to Spanish.

-I am also known as “Eddie” by many of my friends in the university

-I love to Dance! The outdoors, staying active, traveling, discovering the unknown, dreaming big, music, and Food

-I am currently in a competitive dance team with the university. We dance traditional Indian Music (Rass) and compete against other universities across the nation.

-I am the second oldest of four brothers

That’s pretty much all I can think of for now. However, I am extremely excited to get to know each and every single one of you.
Edgar "Eddie" Reynoso

Project: Math Lesson Plan

Meeting: Sunday, 24 2013.

How are you? How are things going this semester?
-Despite the fact that my schedule consist of: wake up, eat, study, class, class, study,eat, work, eat, sleep, repeat. I am great and loving everything about life at the moment! I have been given the opportunity to become a student supervisor at my job. Finally! After three years...Yes! Moreover, I am applying to become an intercultural aid on the dormitories. The goal of intercultural aids, is to assist first year students to confront the struggles of transitioning from high-school to MSU, specially for those international and first generation college students. I believe I have some qualities that can make me a good candidate for this position. So, cross your fingers and help me obtain this position...Thank you! Moreover, I WISH I WAS BACK IN COSTA RICA! Specially now that winter is coming...

1. How has the Costa Rica GPA experience impacted your teaching?
-Unfortunately, I don't have my own class to teach, but I am a teacher assistant at a local middle school where I work with two 8th grade classrooms. I have been able to apply most of the great advice received, directly and indirectly, from everyone in the group. For instance, I have applied Danielle's strategy: "Control the leader of the "Click" and you will have the control of all the others", with the troublesome students in the classroom. Moreover, beside the great advice, learning about the structure of a lesson plan and how to construct one, has been of great advantage in my Teacher Preparation course. The object of the course is to introduce us to the thinking process of a teacher in order to motivate the students. We explore the role of literacy in content area learning as well as a number of other factors that affect how students engage in school tasks. I believed in Costa Rica I became aware of most of the topics we discuss in class. Therefore, this experience, has given the capability to retrieve information I once discussed with different members of the group while I was creating my lesson plan, in order to bring up a different idea into the class discussion or reinforce the one that is being discussed. For instance, when we were discussing in class about using the students experiences as resources, in order to connect the class material more into the students lives, for the purpose of motivation to them. I immediately remember my lesson plan and thought about the idea of why I had integrated the topics about leather back turtles into my lesson plan.

2. Have you been able to implement your curriculum module (yes or no)? Please provide details.

3. What support could the GPA leadership team provide to help you implement your curriculum?

4. How has the Costa Rica GPA experience impacted you personally?
-This experience has reinforce the reason why I want to become a teacher. Given the opportunity to work with experience educators, I was able to hear the pros and cons of becoming an educator. I was aware of some of the conflicts teachers were facing in the state of Michigan, but not in other states. Now, I investigate and keep up with programs and institutions that are options after graduating. Moreover, everything that I became aware of, whether it was about the education system in america, strategies that some of these teachers used in their classroom, the structure of a lesson plan, the education system in Costa Rica, the different schooling provided to different regions in Costa Rica, etc. I have been able to share it in my TE (teacher preparation) courses with my colleagues. Many of the things that we discuss in class deal with something experienced in Costa Rica. I think of this trip as an introduction to the topics discuss in my TE. Furthermore, as a native spanish speaker, I was able to embrace some of the their Spanish slang and share it with others around me. I love learning such words, because its a great icebreaker when you meet someone from that particular country. Additionally, not only was I able to embrace the language, but every other aspect of the countries culture. This experience impacted my life in so many ways at times I think about writing a book about my experience.

5. How has the Costa Rica GPA experience impacted you professionally?
-It has expanded my outreach for future support as an educator. I know that as a future teacher, before trying to apply something into my classroom I will always be able to count on any of this teachers and other individuals I meet on the trip. Moreover, it introduce me to the thinking process of an educator, by providing me with the opportunity to build a lesson plan for my first time. I learned about the structure of a lesson plan and how to apply mathematics to a real life math concept. Most importantly, I was able to witness how a solution for a word's issue can initiate by educators embedding such ideas into their students. Therefore, this has motivated me to continue this profession in order to motivate students to become aware that with education is the key for a better world.

6. Have you given any presentations (formal or informal) since your return to the U.S.? Please include a presentation title, date, target audience, number of attendees, location (e.g. school departmental meeting)
-I will present with Anna, Amy, and Lauren on March 19 to a group of freshmen and sophomores from Michigan State Universtity who are part of the Global Educators Cohort Program. The presentation is being advertised as "The Millennium Development Goals and Global Education." This presentation will take place at the monthly GIFT (Global Initiatives for Teachers) session from 6-8pm in Erickson at MSU.

7. You have a class of students (middle or high school) who have never heard of Costa Rica. In 250 words or less, please provide an overview of Costa Rica and its people.
-Costa Rica is a Spanish speaking country located in central america, between Nicaragua and Panama. The country is recognize for its Biodiversity preservation, the abolition to its army, the happy, friendly culture. Therefore this ranks Costa Rica as one of the top preferable destinations for individuals who plan to either retire or travel. Tourism is one of the its fastest growing economic sectors. English is seen as the second langues due to its usage in most of its tourist areas, however Spanish is necessary.