Hi everyone! My name is Anna Perrin. I am 19 years old and from Frederick, Maryland. I am just completing my second year of study at Michigan State University. I am pursuing a BS in Mathematics, a BA in Spanish, a minor in linguistics and certification in secondary education (for math and Spanish) with a global focus coming from the Global Educators Cohort Program. I am interested in teaching both math and Spanish at the high school level, and would love to teach abroad, given the opportunity.

This program will be my second time abroad for a significant amount of time. Last summer, I participated in a two-month study abroad program in Valencia, Spain (the photo below is from this trip - I'm the one in the middle). I lived with a family throughout my entire stay and took several classes in Spanish related to composition, literature and culture at a center owned by the University of Virginia located on the campus of the University of Valencia. Aside from that, I have travelled to Canada and Costa Rica for shorter visits.


For my portion of the project, I am writing an overview of the Millennium Development Goals designed to provide a background in the global scope of each goal, current status in Costa Rica, and future actions in Costa Rica toward the achievement of the goals. I also have begun planning the lesson for our presentation to the pre-service teachers at the Global Ed GIFT session.

Sunday, November 24 Meeting
1. How has the Costa Rica GPA experience impacted your teaching?
At this point in time, the impact the experience could have had on my teaching is limited, as I am not enrolled in a teaching class this semester and am not able to incorporate anything from the experience into the recitations I teach (as a TA). However, I hope to bring ideas from this experience into my teaching classes next semester and beyond.

2. Have you been able to implement your curriculum module (yes or no)? Please provide details.

3. What support could the GPA leadership team provide to help you implement your curriculum?

4. How has the Costa Rica GPA experience impacted you personally?
I left this experience feeling very inspired and motivated, wanting to pursue interests such as the Peace Corps or the chance of an English Teaching Assistantship through the Fulbright program. I feel that I learned a lot through this experience and would like the opportunity to bring some of that to my future students.

5. How has the Costa Rica GPA experience impacted you professionally?
The GPA has reaffirmed my interest in teaching as a profession once I complete university and furthered my interest in teaching Spanish (though I still would like to teach math as well). The primary professional impact of the GPA was the opportunity to work with a group of motivated teachers and learn their perspectives on education. I hope to take what I have learned from this group into my own career as a teacher.

6. Have you given any presentations (formal or informal) since your return to the U.S.? Please include a presentation title, date, target audience, number of attendees, location (e.g. school departmental meeting)
I will be presenting (with Eddie, Amy, and Lauren) on March 19 to a group of freshmen and sophomores from MSU's Global Educators Cohort Program. The presentation is currently being advertised to the GECP as "The Millennium Development Goals and Global Education." This presentation will take place at the monthly GIFT (Global Initiatives for Teachers) session from 6-8pm in Erickson at MSU.

7. You have a class of students (middle or high school) who have never heard of Costa Rica. In 250 words or less, please provide an overview of Costa Rica and its people.
Costa Rica is considered a model developing nation, the only in Latin America to have had a stable democracy since before 1950 and the first in the world to abolish its army. Costa Rica has been named both the greenest and the happiest nation, taking a lead position on the global stage in environmental sustainability (promoting carbon neutrality and reforestation, among other initiatives) and living with the motto "pura vida". Located near the equator, Costa Rica contains about 5% of the planet's biodiversity despite occupying only 0.1% of its landmass. The protection of this biodiversity is one of the reasons why sustainable development is considered such an important tenet of policy in the nation. Another policy on which Costa Rica has taken a firm stance is that of human rights, especially through the completion of the UN's Millennium Development Goals.

Sorry I couldn't be a part of the meeting today!
You would think that by now I would be able to spell "millennium" correctly on the first try.
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